Friday, August 10, 2012

Mini Street Style...

This outfit stopped me in my tracks.  Look at that neon bag paired with the rainbow leather sandals and a 

It's school shopping season, so I've got mini fashion on the brain...  I kind of love the way Evy puts her outfits together.  Of course, I loved putting outfits together for her too - but she stopped letting me do it a couple of years ago.  Obviously I have some say since I'm the one actually buying the clothes... but honestly, I think she does a pretty great job MOST of the time.  It's so fun to see her personality coming through in fashion choices and witnessing a style emerge.  Clothing is definitely my favorite creative outlet, and (I think) the most telling...  on a good day, I'm happy and comfy in my skin - and my clothing will reflect that.  Sometimes I dress for work, and you can certainly tell that too.  On the not-so-good days, I might just stay in jammies.  Evelyn's pretty much always in something bright, and something stretchy (good for cartwheels).  She's awesome.

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