Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloweenies and sickies and such...

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that the central coast has gone ahead and skipped Fall this year.  We've gone straight from summer to winter.  I mean, just a week ago we were having an obnoxious heatwave, and now here we are battling the flu, wearing footy jammies, and blasting the heaters.  What gives, weather?!  Elliott doesn't seem too bothered.  Even with a gross runny nose, and less time outdoors...  Give him a Hot Wheels car and an applesauce crusher, and he's pretty stoked on life.  

We kept ourselves busy throughout the week of plague, by trying on Halloween costumes, baking way too many brownies, and catching up on our Caillou.  But we finally ventured out a few days ago and the kids were SO excited to find the goofy Halloween cutout at Trader Joes...

And of course, they made new friends...

Ohhh, these crazy kidlets.  


  1. My favorite kidlets! They are the cutest!

  2. I love Elliott's face in the last shot! So cute!! (all of the pics are cute really, but that little "O" that he's making- darling!!!!)

    1. He's so funny. He's just recently started doing this really dramatic "Oooooooooh... beebee" thing whenever he sees animals, babies, or stuffed toys... It's hilarious.


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