Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hi friends!  Did you make it out to see the Munchkin March at 
Farmers Market last night?  I had all kinds of big plans for these three.  
But one by one the plans got dashed with tears, miscommunications, 
costumes that were "itchy and hot", wrestling practice, and smeared make-up.  
Alas, life went on unplanned.  I did, however, get a chance to take some fun 
costume portraits of the kiddos downtown by the creek.  I was really hoping 
to get our photographer friend Richard down here to do the pictures, but we 
couldn't work it out.  But I'm pretty pleased with them anyway.  

On our way to the creek, we stopped by to see Leah and she loaded 
them up with all sorts of fancy sugary delights.  Note: Happy baby.  
At the creek, I said: "Ok, Elliott... now this character you're portraying is a 
BIG CRY BABY LION.  So you need to really focus and tap into that emotion."
He is such a pro.  Totally method.

And James?  I'm seriously thinking about getting him on a stage.  
He was so amazing as the Tin Man.  Gosh, I love this kid...

And here's Evy doing her "Dorothy face".  Isn't she good?!  
This was super fun and I'm so excited to get these printed and framed.  
I was telling Jeff last night, that I really like that the costumes aren't strictly 
"Halloween themed", because these photos will be cute and relevant all
year long.  I hope you have a great Halloween with your families!   

Update: A lot of people have been asking where we "found" the yellow brick road- so I'll go ahead and let you know now... this is just the plain old terracotta brick path by the Mission.  I just tinted it in editing later. 


  1. love, love, love!!! :) They were just as stinkin' cute in person!! :) You guys did a great job with those costumes!

    And I love you caption for Elliott's pic! hilarious!!! :)

    Glad I could sugar them up!!

  2. the costumes and oz photos turned out pretty rad even though i am super sad i wasn't able to take them...regardless awesome. i am super excited about nov 7th, it will be an epic day for family photographs! - richard


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