Friday, December 21, 2012

A Cute Little Christmas Show...

I'm SO excited about Jeff's little Christmas show tonight!!!  I don't think we've hosted an art show in about a year and a half.  Hmmm... is it a coincidence that we have an almost 18 month old?  

A lot of people have asked me what's up with the gallery since we officially closed for regular business hours, and the truth is- Jeff's a painter, not a retail clerk.  When one began to outweigh the other, he simply shut the doors, got back to basics, and began to paint again.  I'm so happy that he did, because he's much easier to live with when he's being true to himself (and his inner artsy fartsy-ness).  No more shop hours- just painting full-time, keeping other galleries stocked with his work, private commissions, and online sales.  Much better.  But of course, a part of him misses the social aspect, and the stress of hosting events... so this little, low-key, show is perfect.  

If you're around tonight, definitely come say hello, eat some cookies, enjoy some music, and take a peek at Jeffrey's latest work.  Plus, it's officially too late to order anything online to get in time for Christmas, so if you need a gift- this is a really fun way to shop.  He has both prints and originals in big and stocking stuffer sizes.  I'm especially in love with his new sparkly pieces.  Yes,  S P A R K L E  A R T.  It's kind of amazing.  He's also been experimenting with gold foil crowns on octopi, and marbled backgrounds.  Please note: By "experimenting", I mean: 90% making huge messes, 10% making great artwork.  

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