Thursday, December 13, 2012

SLOmygosh Christmas List...

Yup, we're jumping on the gift-list bandwagon... 'Cos, why not?  
And we've got a lot to talk about, so let's do this!

1. First of all, don't even talk to me about Christmas until the Candy Cane Joe-Joe's are out.  Amiright?  
These things are so coveted in our house- you have to smuggle the boxes in, hide them in drawers, and disperse them very carefully.  Otherwise we'd be going through a box a day during the Holidays.  And I KNOW we're not the only ones.  Available locally at:  Trader Joes, SLO $2.49

2. Did I say not to talk to me about Christmas until the Joe-Joe's are out?  I meant until the sparkles abound.  I'm talking glitter, sequin, tinsel, you name it... if it sparkles, I'm all over it.  Hi, I'm a magpie. Nice to meet you.  Sparkle Shine Bobbies, $25

3. I'm equally excited about this West Elm/Confetti System collaboration!  These are the only ornaments on our little tree this year, and it's like a party in my heart every time I look at them.  Even better?  You can open them up like mini-fit-in-your-hand piñatas and put gifts INSIDE!  :)  

4. Ok, so we missed Brave in the theatre... but finally got it on Netflix last month.  
And you know what... this is one Netflix disc that just isn't gonna make it back.  Our entire family loves it so much.  Jeff has to remind us constantly that if he was a teenage cartoon boy, he'd totally go out with Merida.  Yeah.  ANYWAY... Highly recommend the movie, but next on our list is the soundtrack.  We like it a lot.  Available locally at:  Boo Boo Records, $12

5.  Ohhh, this skirt from Ruby Rose...  Actually, I can't believe that I haven't already bought this one.  
I think I've got a weird 50's full-skirt fetish.  I just love the softy, worn-in cotton and muted prints.  They're comfy, and lady-like.  Not typically an easily achieved combo.  The nipped-in waists are super slimming with little cardigans, and the full bottoms make them extra twirly.  Yes, I totally still twirl.  
Available locally at:  Ruby Rose, $25
6. I love this magazine.  Lately, when I find a quiet moment alone, this is who I like spending it with.  Everything about it is calm, and inspiring, and 10 minutes of flipping through leaves me feeling totally re-charged.  Available locally at:  Ambiance, $18

7. We're not big drinkers over here, but my friends know that I won't turn down a glass of champagne (and Jeff won't turn down Kahlua).  This fun shirt reminds me of silly champagne nights with this girl.
Lords of Liverpool tee, Urban Outfitters (on sale!) $25

8. I am such a sucker for hearts.  And fluorescent pink.  And petite romantic sentiments en Français .  
Plus, I love the longer-than-usual length of this awesome pendant.  Yellow Owl Workshop, $44

9. I know this isn't a Christmas-themed book, but can we please talk about how amazing Roald Dahl is?  "Dahl read 749 creepy tales at the British Museum Library before selecting the 14 that comprise this anthology."  "Dahl's taste, it will surprise no one, is impeccable," says the Washington Post.
Amazon, $11

10.  Warm and cozy, and keeeeeyoot!  Is it weird that this Circus lambswool hat by Donna Wilson reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen West.  Yes, I would like a little Taliesen on my noggin.  
Available locally at: Brick House Goods (Formerly Atmodsphere)

10. Jeff will be the first to tell you that I'm his sassiest critic.  But I'm also a big fan, and these are two of my  favorite paintings of his.  I love the goofy-toothed whale and the pretty little cherry blossom bird.  
Yeah, I would toootally dress up my iPhone in these.  Jeff Claassen iPhone cases, $35

11.  You mean, I can dress up my wrist like a Bedouin pony?  Um, YES!  This gorgeous tassel bracelet is both dainty and ridiculous.  That combination pretty much defines me.  
Made in the Netherlands, available at: Leif, $52

16. Do I love mexican hot chocolate?  DO I LOVE MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE?
Is the Pope Catholic?  Does fairy dust make you fly?!
Linnaea's makes the best one in town.  Promise.  Linnaea's Cafe, $3-ish

12.  I'm having a big love affair with black and white bedding.  This simple wool blanket is exactly what I need to pull up over me on these chilly nights, when Jeff doesn't get to bed until 4am.  
I love the clean, graphic element of this cozy throw.  Cross blanket by Pia Wallen, $245

13.  Baybuh, baybuh... uh.  
Biggie Smalls by TeeTwice, $15.99

14. This book documents the fascinating career and mysterious dissent of 60/70's surf photographer, Ron Stoner.  His innovative use of color and perspective helped propel the sport to an artform and forever changed the way it would be documented.  Personally, I'm a huge fan of the way in which he used balloons in his work.  Surprise, surprise...  :)  Plus, he scored a pretty great photo of my grandpa.
Available locally at: Barnes & Noble, $40

15. Make no mistake, this cool anatomical print lets the one you love know exactly where they stand.  
You Are Here Print by Kyle & Courtney Harmon, $44

17. How cute are these two?  Doesn't this remind you of Munro Leaf's Ferdinand?  
One of my all-time favorite stories.  Vintage Bull & Matador Figurines,  $45
18. Aaaaaand last but definitely not least... my favorite place to over-indulge.  
Novo gift card, any amount


  1. you are just adorable!! love your choices and LOVE your commentary!!! My personal favorite is: You mean, I can dress up my wrist like a Bedouin pony? enough said!! xo

  2. Hahaha! I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed my dorky comments. Later on, I was thinking... what does a gift list say about the person who makes it? I kind of want someone to analyze this list and tell my fortune with it.

    1. Your dorky comments were my favorite part! Oh my if I did my real Christmas list, that would be interesting, electic and maybe not too realistic!! I would love to hear a fortune from your list! "I see a lot of pink, sparkle-y Mexican mochas in your future..."

  3. My Christmas wish list includes my arms wrapped around.... 1 Coral, 1 Jeff, 1 James, 1 Evy and one baby Elliott!

    1. Thanks mama. That would be #1 on my list too. :)

  4. Ive been following your blog for a bit now & thought it was about time I left a comment :) First~ I love, LOVE that skirt! Second~ I love your blog too!


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