Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jimmy Towels... Let's get behind this!

Have you guys heard of the Jimmy Towel?  This project has everything going for it...   It's a local effort to replace paper towels with a reusable microfiber cloth (made in the USA).  I was really impressed with their concept and the way they presented it.  Watching their kickstarter video, I feel like the point really hit home when they mentioned that "51,000 trees are cut down every day".  EVERY.  DAY.  That figure is unacceptable.  Where I grew up, it wasn't uncommon for people to carry a handkerchief, or tiny washcloth with them.  In many parts of the world, keeping a cloth in your pocket or purse is commonplace.  For some reason, that's not the case here- but Jimmy Towel is working to change that. They've got 14 days left to raise $3,264 of their $15,000 goal or their project will not be funded and they'll go back to square one.  Let's help!  I just supported them on kickstarter, and I hope that you will too.  


  1. I backed it! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!! i hope they get all that they need! I'm excited for my Dapper Jimmy Towel! :)

    1. Oh and they did it! they reached their goal!! so awesome!

  2. Hey... we dig the Jimmy Towel too! It's one of those "Duh" products where you're a little pissed at yourself for not thinking of it first. We got our hands on one and here's our review -


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