Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love: Kannyn + Colby

For the third love story in the SLOmygosh "Love Series"- my friend Kannyn shares a fun tale of how she met her Prince Charming-turned husband, Colby.  THANK YOU, Kannyn!

Kannyn + Colby

"It all started in an enchanted land, called San Luis Obispo, with a boy and a girl and their friend. The
boy, who is called Colby, lived in a yellow Victorian house with several other people. The house was
very much like a castle, or at least the dungeon of a castle and the girl, who is called Kannyn, visited this palace often because her friend, who will remain nameless, lived there with Colby and other bohemian types. The first night Colby and Kannyn interacted; she knew there was something special about him, something mysterious. He played a song he had written to her and the friend. A few days later the friend asked Kannyn if she was available to be courted by Colby. Kannyn got butterflies in her stomach at the idea and prompted her friend to arrange a few social encounters so the two could converse. With each meeting her fascination with him grew, he was very artistic, incredibly articulate and so very calm and collected. Then unexpectedly she ran into him at the swap meet, but lets call it a street market and he asked her if she would accompany him on a small ship for an afternoon, or to go kayaking. She did and the rest is history. The two are now living happily ever after with their two beautiful boys, Haydn and Asher."

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