Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye SLO, hello OSLO!

Some of you may recall that Jeff and I have been house-hunting for a while now... after multiple close-calls and real estate disappointments, we began to entertain the idea of leaving SLO.  Having researched many different places, I'm happy to say that we've finally settled on one.  We're moving to Oslo, Norway!  We're so excited to make this transition and hope that you'll stick around as we introduce OSLOmygosh!  :)


  1. Anonymous1/4/13 10:35

    Are you really serious?!

    1. Haha, NO! April Fools, Nanette! :P

    2. Anonymous1/4/13 17:10

      Oh my gosh, you turd! Totally got me, haha! I was excited for you guys but somehow sad for me, which is confusing as I rarely see you in person, any how, hehe :)


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