Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good as gold...

*Photo via. Design Love Fest

But way better, actually!  I'm having a full-blown love affair with copper right now.  In fact, my very first purchases for the new house include this beeeeautiful copper chair by Blu Dot.  It's available locally at Brick House Goods.

and vintage copper planters found on eBay...

I'm also really excited to finally try DIY'ing these pretty rose gold polka dots out of contact paper!  I actually found the contact paper over a year ago, but hid it away until we had just the right space for it.  I think we'll try the dots in 2" diameter circles for a more subtle version.  This is a perfect project for Evy to tackle in her room.  Every day we get closer and closer to our big move, and things have become totally crazy.  We're eating a lot of take out, and tripping over mountains of boxes... but the end is in sight, and IT. WILL. BE. SO. GOOD.   


  1. so fabulous!! I can't wait to see that chair in person!!!! (and once again we're kind of twinsies- I've been on a rose gold/copper kick for like a year with jewelry, maybe it's time to branch out into other items?!)

    1. I loooove rose gold. Yes, you definitely need to bring it into your home too. I love that the pinkish hue makes metal feel warm and glowy, rather than cold and harsh. This is a bad segue, but... do you know about the Sunjun line of Sandals by Bass? I always sort of dismissed the line as kind of old-ladyish, but I found a super discounted pair last year with a really cute pattern, so I ordered them and discovered that they are hands down, the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever worn. EVER. Really. And anyway... they happen to have two versions of a rose gold sandal right now. The "Sharon": http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shoes-sandal/27377092.jsp And the "Margie": https://bassshoes.harborghb.com/catalog/product-listing.cfm/category/Metallic/group/basswomens The Margie is on its way to me now. :)


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