Tuesday, December 17, 2013


If like me, you've ever wondered how many people really care about your lazy blogging habits, I recommend shutting down for a month or two.  Readers have come out of the woodwork to inquire about the absence, and encourage me to post again, and honestly it's been so sweet.  What began as a weekend overhaul project, became a blatant blog vacation, and though I've become a rather inconsistent blogger, you've reached out to express your love of these pages, and I'm very grateful.  I appreciate any and all who find something of value here.  In the past year I've really struggled to understand where blogging fits into my life, what content felt appropriate to share, and why anyone bothered to look.  I think a change happened when I was paid to blog elsewhere too.  Suddenly SLOmygosh felt like working overtime.  Something that brought me a lot of joy, and felt like an outlet- became a burden.  But last night something occurred to me...  Evelyn asked what I would save in a fire, and aside from getting my family to safety- all I really cared about were our photos.  As I looked around at them, I realized that most of them were already safe and sound on SLOmygosh.  That nagging burden of a blog was also the safe-keeper of so many precious moments in my life.  As Oprah would say, that was my "Aha! Moment".  It needn't be a ball and chain, it could just be my firesafe.  

So I'm going to make a little effort to get back to my blogging roots- remember why I started, and share what I want to keep safe.  This blog is not about the page views, the ads, or the rankings.  It's just about keeping an honest record of our lives- good and bad.  But mostly MOSTLY good.  Thank you to those of you who have read and supported my blogging efforts since way back before there was a SLOmygosh (I'm talking to you, Nanette), thank you to the brands and businesses who have supported through products and advertising, and thank YOU for visiting SLOmygosh these past few years.  It's still chugging along.  xoxo


  1. Yay!! So glad you're back and chugging along. I was quietly rooting for this. Didn't want to mention it and bug you during our hangouts, but I was secretly willing you to get back at it through the power of my mind ;) xo

  2. @ cheer up, old bean - "through the power of my mind"...haha, it worked!
    and for you @slomygosh - how do you credit the O lady as if she coined the term "a-ha moment".

    1. if that failed I was totally ready to bribe with food. :)


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