SLOmygosh is a lifestyle blog based in San Luis Obispo, California. The site features design, food, family, style, shopping, Central California living, and everything in between. SLOmygosh is about having a love affair with your own town- wherever that may be.
I moved to California, from the center of the Pacific ocean in 2005.  I met Jeff, an artist, in March of 2006, and if love-at-first-sight truly exists- it got us; here we are, eight years later, living and working under the same roof, creating, collaborating, raising children, and enjoying life.  It's beautiful and messy, and we learn as we go.

In 2007 I began writing my blog in an effort to explore and share my new hometown (a place that felt completely foreign when I first arrived), vent over homesickness, and keep family and friends updated; but I soon found that I was getting so much more out of the town than I ever imagined.  Though it wasn't exactly love-at-first-sight, my perspective and appreciation of SLO evolved into a beautiful little love story of it's own.  In 2011 that original blog gave way to SLOmygosh, a love letter to SLO.

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