Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do or don't... bright denim?

When I first saw this photo of the lovely Elizabeth Antonia, biking in her red jeans- I thought...

red jeans + white tee = YES!!!

But after a year or so of searching for the perfect red pair...  
I've come to realize that the perfect red jeans (for me) aren't actually red at all.

Say hello to the perfect PINK jeans!

I'm in love.  

Are you braving the bright denim trend?

{Top photo via Cup of Jo}


  1. LOVE!!! I'm convinced that teal/turquoise will be my match- I'm also kind of dreaming of cobalt blue ones!! Those pink ones are amazing!!!!!

    1. Oooh... Yes, I feel you on the cobalt blue. I saw some at the GAP yesterday, on sale and was definitely tempted. But I think that I'll stick with just one crazy color for now. :)

    2. On sale?! Uh-oh, I feel a trip to the gap coming on! I hope I haven't missed out! A co-worker has cobalt ones from joes jeans That I drool over but I don't want to spend too much on them- we have a dress code at work and I'd only be able to wear them on Fridays. Thanks for the tip! You may just see an outfit of the day post with some new blue jeans! ;)


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