Wednesday, May 23, 2012

House cats...

Ok, friends...  aside from the obvious uhh... common sense ethical issues this arises, can we just pause for a moment to stare open-mouthed at this LIFE magazine spread by photographer Michael Rougier -chronicling Tippi Hedren and her family living with their pet lions (that's lionS, y'all - not just one).  
Back in the crazy, glowy, haze of 1970's Hollywood.  When things like disco, shag carpet, Farah hair, lagoon-like pools, and oh... living with LIONS, was no biggie.  

A young Melanie Griffith snuggles up with her pet cat.


  1. WHAT???? i know you are allergic to some cats, maybe we should find out if you'd be allergic to a lion.


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