Friday, May 25, 2012


Daaaaaang, you guys...  Look at this thing!  

I finally found the perfect gumball machine.  Being on the gum wall, it only made sense that Ambiance should have their own gum machine, right?  So I scoured through hundreds of them - all over the country, in every size, shape, and color.  After many months of searching, I saw this one and thought: EUREKA!  It's certainly a statement-maker...  It doesn't wait around patiently for the inevitable question: "Hi, do you sell gum?"  No, sir - you won't find any subtlety here.  This baby blows a fat bubble right in your face, smacks its jaw, and shouts: "GUM! GUM! GETCHA GUM, RIGHT HEA!'  

It's ridiculous.  It's obnoxious.  It's taller than I am!  It's freakin' awesome.

She'll go through a little makeover before she's up and running...  we're leaning towards a nice, rich, turquoise, what do you think?  But soon enough she'll be looking gorgeous, with a big belly-full of gumballs.

I'll keep you updated.  :)

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  1. at first glance it looks like elliott is holding a banana.


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