Sunday, May 27, 2012

Color me happy...

 I love the idea of fun pops of color in my hair, but I'm not 16 anymore... can I really get away with it?  

For the most part, I do and wear what I want without taking others' opinions into account...  but a few months ago I witnessed something that made me think twice.  I saw a girl with the hottest hot pink hair (which I loved), and a man walking by her said: "Oh geez!  What was SHE thinking?  Someone obviously doesn't own a mirror."  I thought: Really?!  People still feel that strongly about these things?  There's still a stigma that goes along with pink hair?  

So, yeah... I guess I kind of care.  I don't want people making comments like that about me behind my back.  Actually...  to be totally honest with you- I  really only care about Jeff's grandma or (worse) his dad  looking at me like I've lost my damn mind.  

But that doesn't mean I can't play around with color entirely, right? 
 I've been really keen to experiment with dip-dyed tips.  Candied pinks, deep turquoise, cobalt blues, and vibrant purples...  I was therefore, SO thrilled to find the Lawless & Lulu shop on etsy.  I'm obsessed with the fun clip-in colors.  These amazing extensions are available in any base shade, I ordered a base slightly lighter than my own hair to look very highlighted and streaky.  The panels can be customized in varying lengths and widths, in infinite colors, and styles like ombre, dip-dye, or full-color highlights.  They can even be done in variegated and rainbow shades.  SO ideal for someone like me who wants the option to enjoy color, swap it out at will, or take it out entirely.  

They're also priced really well, and I'm very happy with the quality too.  I've washed mine, styled them, and even let Evelyn borrow them (the ultimate test).  They still look great!  

UPDATE: LAWLESSANDLULU is offering SLOmygosh readers FREE SHIPPING when you enter code: CORALSfriends at check-out.

Footnote:  I'd like to thank my mother for tolerating my original hair color phase in the 90's.  And for allowing me the freedom to bounce around from pinks, to blues, to greens, to purples... while I matched my hair to my Doc Marten's.  And in case any of you ever find yourself in the following predicament; trust me when I tell you that the only thing strong enough to remove black hair dye from brand new white-washed wood trim- is platinum blonde hair dye.  Too bad we didn't have these clippies back then, right mama?  


  1. Ohhh you made such a mess of my pillow cases too! Lest you forget... But, as long as you refrained from piercings & tattoos it was AOK... Ahhhhh the good old days of raising a teenager.... I Remember... You wanted Angelena Jolie's stomach tattoo... Colored hair was a small price to pay for a little peace of mind.... Now look how perfect you are... My sweet angel girl!!!

  2. LOVE, I mean L.O.V.E.!!! Great post!!! so happy to see that there are temporary products for those who don't want to commit, or who's hair can't take it!
    I too, had a multitude of haircolors in the 90's, with coordinating Doc Martens!

    1. Oh the 90's... hahaha! I remember thinking... At least our trends aren't going to be embarrassing in 20 years. Pfft!

      Thank you so much for the encouragement- I've been meaning to post about these for a while now... but I knew it would mean posting photos of myself, and I'm always so weird about it, and reluctant to do that. The colors are actually very subtle, but I've had so many people stop me to talk about my hair when I have them in. It's been really fun. :)

      And yes, I LOVE the idea of 100% damage-free color. I've got a second order of them on the way (in new colors)!

    2. Can't wait to see your new colors!! Annnd you're gorgeous so don't feel weird about posting pics of yourself- although I know what you mean. I did an outfit of the day post the other day and purposely cut off my head in the pics. :) xo

  3. I looove this fantastic post Coral! Thank you so much for promoting my little hair shack ♥

    Great blog, I have subbed, and I hope you love your new pieces. If you would like, you can share this coupon code with your readers, for FREE shipping:


    xoxo ♥

    1. SO AWESOME! THANK YOU, Lulu!!!

  4. I just ordered the teal solid extensions!!! So excited!!! After obsessing over the blue beehive that inposted on my blog I knew I needed to get these! I'm passed my crazy hair color phase BUT I can certainly go the temp route! Thanks for the introduction coral!! I'll blog about them when I get them and send people to this post!! You're such an inspiration!!!!

    1. That's AWESOME! I'm really excited to see your post about it! :)

      And thank you so much for your constant support and devotion to the blog. I look so forward to your comments and feedback. It's incredibly touching and always very appreciated. ♥

    2. I'm super excited too! She contacted me last night to say that once the PayPal payment clears she's going to start on them. Now, this is where my laziness is really evident- being a hairstylist I could make these myself but I'd rather pay someone else to do it Haha!!

      I am so glad that you don't find my constant comments annoying! I'm always nervous that it's too much, but honestly I can't help it!! I look forward to your posts, because 9 times out of 10 it's something I'm also totally into OR you're introducing me to something that I end up loving! I think a heck of a lot of the time we're on the same wavelength!!


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