Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Inspiration...

I'm loving the pretty, graphic paper peeking out from behind the shelves in this photo.
What a neat way to draw the eye back, behind the items.  It seems like it could easily look like 
a jumbled mess of clutter, and too busy... but with all of the white - and the great pops of pink
and blue, I think they pulled it off beautifully.

Here's how I used busy patterns in my own teeny kitchen.  

The pretty, statement-making wallpaper is actually just GIFT WRAP from Paper Sky!
It went on super quickly and easily with a small paint brush, and a little Mod-Podge. 
The best part?  When a project is this simple, and inexpensive- you can swap it out as often as you please.

Perfect medicine for those impulsive moments when my redecorate-disease is acting up and the only cure is to move a couch, paint a wall, or break out the Feng Shui books.


  1. hi mom I think that this blog is really cool and I really like how you have pictures of your family and things you like. I also like how when you talk about something you post about 3 pics of it. Im surprised you dont have any comments! <3 u.

    love, Evelyn

    1. Thanks, baybuh. You're so thoughtful.

      And I love you too. Lots!



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