Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday, Friends...

It's officially SUMMER, you guys!  I am loving the sunshine, sandals, fresh fruit, and family time.
We're getting up way too earrrrrrrrly tomorrow morning to watch Evelyn twirl baton in a parade.  Jeff finished a big commission this week, and I'm excited to see it hanging at a new business downtown.  Elliott's first birthday (oh my gosh), and our big camping trip (yikes) are just around the corner, and James is gearing up for engineering camp at Cal Poly.  
This year is flying by!

How are you enjoying this sunny weather?  Here's a little snippet of our Memorial Day weekend... 

One of the amazing camels we came across last weekend at the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande.
Is it just me, or is that the most non-strawberry oriented strawberry festival ever?

This gorgeous weather is perfect for sun and sand at Montaña de Oro!

In other news...  Elliott's learning to fly.  


  1. Agreed about the "Non-Strawberry" Strawberry Festival....I had to ask around to find the strawberry stand, ha!! Here's to a fun summer! xoxo

    1. Glad I'm not alone! Hahaha!

      Thanks, Jen. :)

  2. James seems to be doing a little flying himself! Great post, amazing photos and genuinely sweet


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