Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hot dog!

This may not be the fashionable thing to say, but...  I love a good hot dog.

I don't actually eat meat very often, but once every couple of months I have a ridiculous hot dog craving, and so... once every couple of months- we'll have a ridiculous hot dog dinner.  It's easy for a hot dog dinner to be sufficiently gross- so I've learned to follow a few basic rules before presenting this ballpark favorite to my family...

1. Most importantly, buy really great hot dogs.  
If you had to pick just one thing to be insanely picky about in life- it should be this.

2. Make them special.  
As in, fancy little baguettes instead of buns, a variety of mustards, pretty plates and fabric napkins, etc.

3. Serve them with something really fresh.  
I like a simple arugula salad with most every meal, but a nice tabouli, or quinoa salad would be great too.

And I ask you... What says "SUMMER" better than a tasty hot dog on the back porch at the end of the day?   :)


  1. Love your idea with the fancy cheesy baguettes!

    1. THANKS, JEN! They're soooooo tasty. :)

  2. Once again your meal idea will be gracing our dinner table ... tonight, as a matter of fact! Thanks for the inspiration. And p.s. the link to the "fabric napkins" might need to be re-entered. :-)

    1. FUN! Yay, hot dog club! ;)

      And THANK YOU for letting me know about the link. I hate when things like that happen.

  3. Um.... I love that you did a post about hot dogs- fancy hot dogs- but hot dogs!!!


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