Friday, July 6, 2012

SLO colorful...

You guys, I am L O V I N G all the pretty and 
fun hair colors people are rocking downtown lately...
and the great mix of people, styles, and ages doing it!  
These were all taken in just a half hour of strolling.
Pretty in pink.
Short shades of blue.
Mom teal hair action.
Pink ponytail.
Cobalt clip-ins.
Purple roots... Wha?  How?
Pinky-peachy fun.
Pink hair/purple pants sidewalk picnic!
This lady thought she could get away...  
but I spotted that blueberry do.
Oooh... magenta!  
{P.S. Isn't this girl gorgeous? She reminds me of Amy 
Winehouse when she was healthy and beautiful}

HAPPY WEEKEND, lovelies!!!  


  1. love it!!! guess I should have stuck around farmer's after work last night. i had my teal in yesterday. I'm loving the mommy teal and that last girl does look like a healthy amy winehouse. I also love that she's rocking it in a sophisticated way (that is some well thought out placement!)! Oh and since I'm partial to teal right now, I loved the first one too! :)

    1. Aren't all of these colors so fun? I really do love it. And this is just a snippet! I keep seeing SO many awesome candy-colored hairdos around town.

      It's so funny that you recognized a girl in the background. She's a cutie. :)

  2. ps.... something funny- i know the girl in the background of the cobalt clip in- it's my brother in law's best friend's daughter- I've known her since she was a baby! small world!!


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