Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh my gosh, you guys- this is for real...

It's no secret that Paris left a gaping hole in my heart that can only be filled with, uhhh... more Paris.

But this is a little ridiculous.  A Czech photographer has rustled up a nice little side business on etsy (duh) selling cans of exotic air for $10 a pop.  Er... sniff.  Breath?  

1. Yes, it's crazy.
2. The packaging is surprisingly brilliant.
3. Did I mention that it's crazy?

Ok, he might have sold me on the "homesickness" thing.  On a particularly bad day, I might just be inclined to crack open a can of Kauai air.  Here's hoping he never offers it, because I'm kind of serious - and Jeff might never speak to me again if I start buying canned air online.  

Paris not your canned air locale of choice?  No problemo.  
He's got the good stuff from New York, SingaporeRigaBerlin, and Prague.  

What's your air of choice?

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  1. Coral you are just canned cuteness! But seriously canned Kauai sounds heavenly right now!... There could be several varieties ... Hanapepe, Hanalei, Kokee...sniff, sniff.... I'm there...


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