Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Mt. Olive Adventure...

 Do you have a favorite Farmer's Market booth on Thursday nights?  I've made it a point to visit the Mt. Olive booth for a few years now.  The produce is gorgeous, and delicious.  But they also make out-of-this-world jams, jellies, olive oil, fruit leathers, tea, and fresh-pressed juices.  Best of all, it's 100% organic.  I take that back... BEST of the best of all, they are unbelievably kind, incredibly knowledgeable and very very helpful.  While pregnant with Elliott and dealing with horrendous nausea- my friends at the Mt. Olive booth made great recommendations.  They were also kind enough to advise me of what NOT to eat or drink from their booth throughout the pregnancy.  That sort of endeared them to me for life.  
I mean, come on... that's just the coolest.

When I found their website and realized that their farm wasn't actually very far from Jeff's parents', I thought... YES!  Let's GO!  Alas, that was two years ago.  :(   Finally, FINALLY, on this last trip up to Paso, we made it.  So did it resemble the fantasy I had in my head?  No.  It totally surpassed my expectations.  We made it just in time for a late afternoon lunch, and had so much fun strolling around, petting bunnies and goats, peeking our heads into plants, and just generally being all kinds of nosey.  What I found really amazing about Mt. Olive Farm was the feeling of openness and welcome.  We just felt at ease.  It was quiet, but not uncomfortably so... and wow, SO gorgeous.
As soon as we walked in, we were delighted to find freshly baked coconut bread, and mini veggie pizzas for $1.50.  A DOLLAR FIFTY, YOU GUYS!  I'm not ashamed to admit that I bought all of the coconut bread.  Oh my gosh...  Y  U  M  M  M  M !  The food was the freshest food I've had (maybe ever but certainly) in a long time.  The tasting room was clean and well-stocked with dozens of olive oils and tapenades.  James and I went nuts.  We sat outside on the gigantic lanai, and drank ice cold, fresh strawberry juice.  At the risk of getting all verklempt on you, I would say it was heaven.  We didn't want to leave.

Yes, we went kind of photo-crazy.  But LOOK at these Fall colors!
Next time you're in Paso, do yourself a huge favor and visit Mt. Olive Farm.  And if you can't make it to the Farm, be sure to stop by their Farmer's Market booth on Thursdays.  It's the very best one.   :)


  1. so excited about going next time we pass by it! I've been to their farmer's booth for micro greens, but have the worst luck about driving by when they are open. If I see that open sign I'm making a detour!!! :)

  2. Heather M.14/12/12 20:35

    James is bigger than you!! We all saw that coming but still! How cute!


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