Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loving Loly...

Designed by Lorena Vazquez, "Loly In The Sky" is a super fun line of adorable and AFFORDABLE loafers, handmade one at a time in Mexico.  I wasn't sure of what to expect from the Company, because I'd never actually seen their shoes in person- but I was so pleasantly surprised when they arrived!  They're super comfy, and really great quality.  Unlike a lot of companies who use "made with love" as a gimmicky slogan- these shoes actually do feel like they were made with big heaping doses of it.  The fun and quirky designs are really refreshing- very Charlotte Olympia, if Charlotte Olympia had a crazy-affordable line.  Yep, I'm a fan.  My biggest dilemma now will be deciding on the next pair...  Here's what I'm coveting:
I can't think of a cuter way to shake off the Winter blues, and welcome back the sun.

An easy peasy way to dip your toes into the tuxedo trend.

And don't you forget it!

These (for obvious reasons...)!

'Cos sometimes I just need a reminder...


Check out the making of... LOLY IN THE SKY!


  1. adorable!!! I checked it out and my goodness, there are quite a few on my list now!! I must see these in person on you- I'm picky about my loafers! :)

    1. I was really happy with the fact that they're soft and comfy, but don't make my feet feel wide (one of my usual complaints about flats). I also liked that the insoles are nice and cushy. I hate those paper thin soles with absolutely zero support.

    2. Oh! And which ones did you like?

    3. so they aren't too clunky? I'm totally picky about loafers specifically cuz I hate when they don't look a little delicate.

      okay here's my want list: Monica, Montse, Sonia, Maria and Isabella. I'm very much leaning towards Montse, and Sonia.

      Do you feel that they fit true to size? :)


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